My students really loved going on the computers to play the games and activities.

Their reading accuracy and comprehension is better than before. They are more confident and willing to learn.

I would recommend Readable English to parents of children who are struggling with reading.

Chris Stone, Teacher, Sydney, Australia

It really works! We saw improvements in reading after only one term.

The whole cohort of students improved. The program doesn't just target the upper and lower ends of the class.

It was good to see that reading comprehension improved along with reading accuracy.

Peter Johnson, Principal, Sydney, Australia

With the glyphs, I can improve my pronunciation and I’m visualizing them in my head when I’m reading a text.

Baptiste Cruysmans, ESL learner, Brussels, Belgium

We did it [the Readable English program] in Term 3 for half an hour, twice a week, and the students improved within 9 weeks. We spent the first week just learning the different signs [the glyphs]. The students picked it up very, very quickly.

It helped students with fluency and comprehension difficulties as well as dyslexic students. Students seem a lot happier. They are empowered with new found confidence and self-esteem.

Neva Sultana, Teacher, Brisbane, Australia

This program is awesome. My 8yo who struggled with 3 letter words is now reading beginner chapter books and told me that he loves reading now because of Readable English.

Parent, CA, USA

My son Dereck was tested for speech when he was 3 years old because he had difficulty communicating. He received help in speech classes from the public school and they help him as much as they could, but he made less than satisfactory progress and could not study unattended. A study project that would take other children minutes to complete would take Dereck hours. I worked with him during the summers so he would not loose the knowledge he acquired during the school year. Dereck's third grade evaluations indicated that he was very smart but had poor reading and writing skills. The result of those evaluations showed the amount of extra assistance he needed.

I began searching for alternative methods to help him outside of the public school. That is when I discovered Readable English on the Internet.

he began using Readable English, Dereck understood the different sounds that the letters make and how words are broken down into syllables, and the glyphs and grayed out letters helped him with the sounds of words.

When Dereck was introduced to Readable English, he was at a 2nd grade reading level during the summer before 4th grade. When he started school in the fall, Dereck was assessed at a 4th grade reading level. Usually children digress during the summer months but Dereck increased his reading skills in the summer from working with Readable English with Ann.

Now he is at the average school district level and understands instructions better. He has also improved in every subject at school. He went from needing someone helping him all the time to little amounts of help in his schoolwork.

He does better when he uses Readable English compared to when he does not use it.

I believe that Readable English and working with Ann Fitts has improved the opportunities and possibilities he will have in his life.

Thank you,

Annette Milne, Parent, WA, USA

Two boys - 8 and 12 years old - learned the program in two or three days. It did not impact their reading scores (they read fairly well to begin with) but the program is LIFE ALTERING for them.

The 8 year old has an insanely good memory for words but struggles with rules. I'm still working on selling his mom that it is helping. She said he's never learned anything quickly in his life and was doubtful at first. They took a week off, came back, and he still retained all of the glyphs and recognizes words he worked out using the glyphs in normal print so the mom is starting to believe me. I will be showing it to his teacher in hopes that she will use it with him. I think he will continue to use it independently but if everyone will integrate it, he'll be much better off.

The 12 year old is the one who took the brochure home to show his mom and asked if he could learn it. She came in, after 1 week, and was on the verge of tears when she thanked me. He read at home, by choice, for the first time ever that she knew of. He usually uses audiobooks. I'm pretty sure the independence of being able to look up a word and know how to sound it out is what made the difference for him.

Beth Powell, Reading specialist, CA, USA

My son really struggled with English and subjects that involved having to read significant amounts. Readable English has made a world of difference - he is now confident to read aloud and understands the meanings of words as well.

Since he’s been working [with Readable English] he’s been happier to pick up books and read. He hasn’t struggled as much doing his assessment tasks and there’s less aggression when my husband and I ask him to go and do his homework. He still has the usual teenage attitude about doing homework, but there’s not as much anxiety involved with doing his homework as there was before.

I have caught my son reading books, which was wonderful and something he wouldn’t do before, and he’s even started wanting to buy magazines that he can read.

Melita Watts, Parent, Brisbane, Australia

The biggest change I have seen in [student A] is his increased comprehension ability as he is not stumbling over basic literacy anymore. He went from a C minus student in first term to a B minus student in second term.

His work showed a dramatic increase in understanding. He engaged much more with the research material, which he didn’t do in first term.

Ben Osborne, Teacher, Brisbane, Australia